Setup L2TP VPN on Ubiquiti USG

Setup L2TP VPN on Ubiquiti USG
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How To Setup an L2TP VPN on Ubiquiti USG

This post will cover the basics of configuring an L2TP VPN on any type of USG. Here is a tutorial on how to connect.

Here is another post I made on configuring a site to site VPN between 2 USGs if you are interested.

Parts Used For Project

USGAny USG will do. I personally use the USG-PRO-4. It’s a great router for your home if you dont already have one. I assume you already do if you are here.Unifi Security Gateway

Creating A RADIUS User

Lets start by creating a new RADIUS user so that we can authenticate with the USG.

unifi settings screen

Start by going to Settings > Services > CREATE NEW USER.

create new user screen

Below is a table with the information I entered on this screen. Obviously choose your own Name and Password. I recommend using a strong password for this. It’s basically a key to your network.

I don’t care if you see this password. I deleted this user before I made this post live.

If you have a VLAN you’d like to use, go ahead and enter it here.

Tunnel Type3 - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
Tunnel Medium Type6 - 802(includes all 802 media plus Ethernet "canonical format")

Press SAVE when finished.

user screen

You should now see your newly created user.

Configuring And Enabling RADIUS server

Now we need to configure the RADIUS server.

radius server screen

From the screen we ended on in the last section, select the Server sub-heading and then switch Enable RADIUS Server to ON.

You will need another password/secret here. It should be different than the one you used for the user. Don’t be lazy and make them the same. This Secret *will not be used when connecting to the VPN.

Enter the information as follows.

Enable RADIUS ServerON
ClientsThis is checked and grayed out for me. Just ignore this.
Authentication Port1812
Accounting Port1813
Accounting Interim Interval3600
Tunnelled ReplyON

Click APPLY CHANGES when complete.

Creating A New Network

We will now create a new network for out VPN.

networks screen

Select Networks from the sidebar menu and then press CREATE NEW NETWORK.

create new network screen

The Pre-Shared Key should also be unique.

The Gateway/Subnet you enter here cannot exist already!

NameRemote VPN
PurposeRemote User VPN
VPN TypeL2TP Server
Pre-Shared KeyP7HV@e78B&eT
Name ServerAuto
WINS ServerUnchecked
Site-to-Site VPNIf you have a site to site VPN configured and want to expose that network to the remote VPN then go ahead and check this. If not, leave it unchecked.
RADIUS ProfileDefault
MS-CHAP v2Require MS-CHAP v2

Click SAVE when finished.

networks screen with new network

You should see our new Remote VPN network.

Your L2TP VPN is now up and running!

Pretty much every operating system has a built in way to connect to a L2TP VPN.

Here is a tutorial on how to connect using Mac and iOS.

You will need the following info to connect to your new L2TP VPN…

IP where USG is locatedGet your IP from this site
Pre-Shared KeyP7HV@e78B&eT

Let me know if you have any questions about this setup on Twitter.

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