LED Kits With WLED Pre-Installed

LED Kits With WLED Pre-Installed
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LED Kits With WLED Pre-Installed

Ever since I posted about Getting Started With WLED, I have had inquiries from people that wanted to play with LEDs and WLED but couldn’t get started for one of many of the following reasons.

  • Not owning a soldering iron
  • No time to assemble/solder and install WLED
  • Worried about not ordering compatible parts

Recently I decided to setup a store to help those people.

Introducing FaveLEDs.com

The new store can be found at FaveLEDs.com. You can follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For now we are a pretty small operation. FaveLEDs is currently sourcing all products from Amazon. After labor and shipping I don’t make a ton of money.

Because I am the only employee and demand could be high, orders may take up to one week to ship.

Our first product is the Pre-assembled DIY LED Starter Kit. It comes with everything you need to get started playing with LEDs and WLED.

Pre-soldered D1 Mini in 3d printed enclosure with barrel connector power

I have hand soldered the pigtail connector for the LEDs to a D1 Mini NodeMCU/ESP8266, included a properly sized power supply for the 5 meter LED strip, packaged the controller into a custom designed/printed enclosure to help prevent accidental damage and pre-installed WLED for you.

Pre-soldered D1 Mini in 3d printed enclosure with top and barrel connector power

Even though this is packaged together, it is not to be thought of as a “consumer product”. It’s still very much an electronic project and should be treated with care. I just did part of the leg work for you.

Other Products

I plan to start selling the controller (with WLED pre-installed), LED strip pigtail and case as it’s own kit. This will allow people to supply their own LED strips and power supplies if they aren’t happy with just 1 strip.

FaveLEDs will also be selling Christmas Wreaths for the next coming months.

Please let FaveLEDs know on Facebook or Twitter if you think there is something else we could add to our product line to help people that are just getting started.

Conclusion And Promo Code

I will be updating my Getting Started With WLED article to fall in line with the exact build process I use on FaveLEDs products.

I have created promo code TYNICKDOTCOM as a favor to all of my readers. This code will give you 5% off your entire order.

Follow FaveLEDs on social media for flash sales and promo codes.

If you have any questions for me personally, you can get ahold of me on Twitter.