Connect To An L2TP VPN From Mac And iOS

Connect To An L2TP VPN From Mac And iOS

How To Connect to an L2TP VPN Using MacOS or iOS

I will show you how to connect to an L2TP VPN using MacOS or iOS.

Checkout this post on how to setup an L2TP VPN if you don’t already have an L2TP VPN setup..

The process is very similar for all operating systems. You should only need the following information for Mac, iOS, Linux, Android and Windows

IP where USG is located Get your IP from this site
Username tynick
Password F$*bhjd66682
Pre-Shared Key P7HV@e78B&eT

Configuring L2TP Client On iOS

ios settings screen

Start out by going to Settings on iOS and then select VPN.

ios-vpn screen

Select Add VPN Configuration...

ios vpn info screen

Enter your information as follows.

Type L2TP
Description Remote VPN
Server Get your IP from this site
Account tynick
RSA SecurID Leave Unchecked
Password F$*bhjd66682
Secret P7HV@e78B&eT
Send All Traffic Check this only if you want all traffic to be routed through the VPN.
Proxy Off

Select Done when complete.

ios vpn connect screen

Select Remote VPN or whatever you named it and then turn the Status switch to the on position.

Configuring L2TP Client On MacOS

Start by opening System Preferences in MacOS.

macos settings screen

Select Network from the System Preferences menu.

macos network settings screen

Click the + to add a network.

Interface VPN
VPN Type L2TP over IPSec
Service Name Remote VPN

Select Create when you have the information entered.

macos network configuration screen
Configuration Default
Server Address Get your IP from this site
Account Name tynick

Select Authentication Settings... when complete.

macos network authentication settings screen
Password F$*bhjd66682
Shared Secret P7HV@e78B&eT

Select OK when finished.

macos network apply screen

If you would like to send all traffic through this connection, that checkbox is under Advanced...

Select Apply and then Connect.

macos vpn network connected screen

You should now be able to connect to the L2TP VPN.

Send me a message on twitter if you have any questions.