Tri-tip 06-09-19
Meat Tri-tip
Cooking Method Sous Vide
Temp 130º
Marinade Time 0 Minutes
Cook Time 2 Hours
Rest Time 20 Minutes
Rating 610
Comments Needs more flavor! Rub that Costco put on left much to be desired. Either doctor it up next time or cook using a method that gives it more flavor. I really liked the texture, juicyness and doneness. Meat was decent quality.

sous vide tub, tri tip and vacuum sealer Picked up a pre-rubbed tri-tip from Costco to sous vide this weekend.

tri-tip after being vacuum sealed Tri-tip after being vacuum sealed.

sous vide temperature set to 130º with meat in tub Machine is up to temp and the tri-tip has started to cook.

tri-tip in vacuum sealed bag after cooking for 2 hours. Pulled tri-tip from tub 2 hours later.

tri-tip on plate after sous vide for 2 hours Sous vide never looks very appetizing after being taken out of the bag.

tri-tip on grill being seared with torch and searzall attachment Searing tri-tip on grill with Searzall Torch Attachment. Grill is not on.

tri-tip on cutting board after being seared Tri-tip looks much better after being seared.

half cut tri-tip on cutting board. pink center. Perfect medium from edge to edge with a nice crust.

full tri-tip sliced on cutting board Ready to eat. Great color. Perfect medium!